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In my 11+ years in design, I’ve worked with early stage startups, big tech orgs, agencies, and more in both B2B and B2C contexts—and one truth has only grown with time: I believe that a product is only as successful as the dynamics of the team building it.


Pillars like good process, open collaboration, healthy feedback cycles, mindful meeting cadences, and information transparency need as much consideration and design thinking as the product itself. When teams and individuals feel informed, valued, respected, and truly safe to share ideas and perspectives—they’ll sustainably produce their best work. 


Over my career, I’ve realized nothing lights me up more than creating this environment for my teams.

Also, I love to... In the big 2020, I walked way from my life in San Francisco to travel across the country solo for six months. I felt…alive outside. And while I wouldn’t call myself skilled at “roughin' it”—I know nothing makes me happier than being in nature, with my favorite people.


and I'm a little bit obsessed with... chunky, squishy, drooly, tootsy thick lil dog Sir Brixton Beef Wellington, interior design, pondering existence, binging audiobooks, and all things tiny; particularly food.

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