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I'm Heather, and I am a Product Designer*

Also interchangeable with: Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, UX Designer, Brand Designer, Service Designer, Current-Trendy-Term Designer, Nerd, Goofball, Wannabe-Mermaid, Weird-Noise-Maker, Sleep Professional, TV Junkie, Gif Connoisseur, List Obsesser, Pinterest Fiend, Sass Queen, Life Ponderer, Terrible Speller, Old-Stuff-Lover, Bleeding-Heart, Grown-ass-woman, Pet-Snuggler, or Flower Picker. 







Let’s admit that skill is only part of the recipe for a beautiful work relationship, right? Let me try to give you a quick glimpse into what makes me tick. 


It took me years to understand that design isn’t my life; it’s just my medium. I know– hokey philosophical BS to make me look deep, right? Maybe. But as my career continues, I’m realizing just how vital remembering that distinction is. My curiosity lies in what it means to be human; our stories, our emotions, our perceptions of the world, our wants, but more importantly our needs. And my passion lies in improving the way we understand and connect with each other, as well as to ourselves. Design is the way I can bring action to my passion. I use it to give voice to those with untold stories, to increase knowledge and awareness, to meet needs with empathy, and hopefully, iterate on how at least some people experience the world.

So, that's my fancy manifesto, but it’s also essential for you to know that I’m a giant nerd with very little shame who is honest enough to admit that I went through an entire tube of Thin Mints and three episodes of Broad City while trying to write this.


Anyway, if you like my work and my brand of weird, I’d love to talk with ya. 

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